Digital Marketing Discovery, Consultation, and Implementation

Marketing online is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. There are so many aspects of marketing SEO, Pay-per-click, Email campaigns, remarketing, social media, inbound/outbound outreach, the list goes on and on. Often as a small business owner or start-up, it is hard to determine the right path for your business, especially when you’re on a tight budget. This is where I can step in to help identify the most effective techniques for your business

Systems Analyst

CRMs, Social Media, Marketing Automation, and Web Analytics platforms are a huge undertaking for small businesses.  You not only have to consider proper process and functions but there is also user functionality and cost. Cover Down will analyze your business needs, processes, and then develop a strategy for determining the best software solutions for your business. Cost and implementation are critical variables that are always considered during this process.

Business Process Analytics

Once you have properly identified the systems that will adequately support your business, it’s time to determine how to implement those strategies and train your staff. Cover Down will relieve you of the painstaking and often underutilized written SOPs by the development of dynamic and video recorded training sessions. You can also utilize back transcription files for moments with videos are unavailable.

Next Steps…

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